The 4 Most Popular International School Exam Students Should Take
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The 4 Most Popular International School Exam Students Should Take

For students who plan to study abroad, participating in international exams will help them consolidate their knowledge and soft skills to enter the threshold of studying abroad. In this article we will introduce the 4 most popular international exams: SAT, PSAT, AP.

IBDP exam

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (DP) is a global education program recognized by Universities and Colleges around the world.

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International exam

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is for students from 3-19 years old, corresponding to 3 levels of education:

  • IB Primary Years Program (IBPYP): 3 to 12 years old
    IB Middle Years Program (IBMYP): 11 to 16 years old
    IB Diploma Program (IBDP): 16 to 18 years old

IB subject structure:

To complete the program, students need to choose 1 subject from the 6 groups below. There must be at least 3 subjects, no more than 4 subjects at the advanced level, the rest are basic subjects:

  • Language and Literature
    Language Acquisition (Reading Comprehension)
    Individuals and Societies includes the following subjects: Geography, Religion, History, Economics, Business Administration, Psychology, Philosophy and Information Technology
    Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Systems, Exercise, Computer Science and Design Engineering
    Arts: Dance, Music, Film, Theater, Visual Arts

In addition, students need to complete the following 3 core requirements:

  • Theory of knowledge (TOK): The course encourages critical thinking and explores the nature of knowledge.
  • Creativity, Action, Service (CAS): Involves community work and extracurricular activities.
  • Extended thesis (EE): A 4,000-word independent research project on a topic of the student’s choice.

Competency test/assessment scale in IB:

The IB scale ranges from 1 to 7, with 7 being the highest score and 1 being the lowest score. IB’s scoring method is quite complicated. Below is how this program calculates scores:

  • Internal Assessment: Test: Each IB subject has an internal test, the results of which will be calculated into the final score.
  • External Assessment: Final exam: The results of this exam are also included in the final grade
  • Total Points: Final score: Final score in the IB program is calculated based on a combined assessment of Internal
  • Assessment (IA) and External Assessment (EA) during the 11th and 12th grade years.
  • Scorecard: IB’s score scale is from 1 to 7 and students can earn up to 3 additional points through TOK, CAS and EE factors, the maximum possible total score is 45 points.

Other requirements to receive a diploma

  • Meet the requirements in CAS subject
  • Not rated N for TOK and/or EE
  • There are no E grades for TOK and/or EE
  • There are no 1s in any subject/level
  • No more than two 2s (Higher Level or Standard Level)
  • No more than three scores of 3 or lower (Higher Level or Standard Level)
  • Students have achieved 12 points or more for the total Higher Level subjects (for students registering for 4 Higher Level subjects, the highest score of the three subjects will be counted)
  • Students have achieved 9 points or more for Standard Level subjects (students registering for 2 Standard Level subjects must achieve at least 5 points for each subject)
  • Minimum of 150 hours of Extracurricular Activities (CAS) and completion of 8 CAS projects in 2 years of IB study
    The student has not committed any academic misconduct and has not been cited by the Degree Committee

Study duration: The IBDP program lasts 2 years starting in grades 11 and 12 and can be completed in the final year of grade 12 or year 13.

SAT international exam

ky thi quoc te

International exam

SAT stands for “Scholastic Aptitude Test” and is conducted and administered by the College Board.

Candidates participating in the international SAT exam will evaluate skills: Reading comprehension, Language, Mathematics. In there:

  • Reading comprehension: Time 65 minutes, 52 questions
  •  Language: 35 minutes, 44 questions
  • Math: 80 minutes, 58 questions (math without a calculator has 20 questions in 25 minutes, math with a calculator has 38 questions in 55 minutes).

Specific content in each SAT section

Reading comprehension:

The reading comprehension section includes passages, illustrations, and charts. Paragraphs can be excerpted from literary works, articles, speeches, and articles in fields such as economics – psychology – science – society.


In the language section, candidates need to read the text, then find errors and correct them. Exam sections also include charts and passages on history, science, and career topics.


In this part, candidates need to have knowledge of algebra, data analysis, advanced general mathematics, trigonometry or geometry.

For candidates taking the international SAT exam who want to study abroad, they need to score 1200 or higher.

Understand SAT scores

  • SAT test scores range from 400 – 1600. In which, each reading comprehension and language section has a maximum of 400 points and the Math section has a maximum of 800 points.
    For the multiple-choice exam, there will be a computer grading system.
  • Normally SAT results will be announced after 2 weeks. However, if candidates take the exam in May or August, the results will be announced 6 weeks later.
  • In case the exam is completed but the candidate finds that he or she did not do well and could not achieve the expected score, he or she is still allowed to request to cancel the results immediately after leaving the exam room or notify the College Board that the results will not be sent. again. You need to fill out an application form and sign a confirmation, so the procedure to cancel test results cannot be done online or over the phone.

PSAT international exam

PSAT is an international exam considered a “pre-qualification” for the SAT exam for students in grades 8-11. The PSAT test evaluates the following skills: Math Solving, Reading – Comprehension, Writing Skills, Problem Solving. The higher the test score (maximum 2400 points), the more opportunities to study at top universities with valuable scholarships.

Why should you take the international PSAT exam?

High school students take the PSAT mainly for the following 3 reasons:

  • Pre-Practice for the SAT: PSAT helps students become familiar with the structure and content of the SAT test (used for university admission). Through this exam, students will identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • National Merit Scholarship Test: Participating in the PSAT exam, about half of the candidates will be selected and receive a scholarship award worth $2,500 along with the extremely prestigious National Merit Scholar degree.
  • Preparing for the 2nd PSAT Test: Some 10th grade students will take the 1st PSAT test to prepare for the official exam in 11th grade.

International exam

AP (Advanced Placement) exams are administered by the College Board.

Who should take the AP international exam?

If candidates want to participate in the US study abroad program at university or college level, they should take the AP exam. Because this exam is considered a bridge between high school and university environments in the US. It was developed to evaluate students’ learning outcomes at the high school level and their suitability for college and university programs.

Subject groups that should take the AP exam:

  • High school students want to study deeply in a favorite field of study
  • Students apply for highly difficult credit and scholarship programs
  • Students planning to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies study at leading international universities. Because AP exam results can help you increase your competitiveness…

AP exam structure and solution

Multiple choice section

In this test, candidates use a pencil to mark the correct answer from 4-5 available options. For questions about Literature or language, you need to write your own answers.

Your total multiple choice score will be calculated based on the number of questions answered correctly. You will not receive or lose points for wrong answers or unanswered questions.

Essay section

The second part of the AP exam usually includes short essay questions. In the essay section, candidates need to base their answers on the questions and their knowledge and skills. The answer can be an essay or a solution to a specific problem.

Westlink International School – Helps students master knowledge for important exams

ky thi quoc te

International exam

It can be seen that the 4 international exams we introduced above are very important and suitable for students who want to study abroad. To be able to complete the above exams well, students need to have a solid foundation of professional knowledge, soft skills as well as confidence and initiative in learning. Westlink International School – IB World School (IB WORLD SCHOOL) is a learning environment that helps students get closer to international exams. The school will support students in comprehensively developing their knowledge, knowledge, and skills so that they have many opportunities to score high scores in international exams.

Westlink International School is part of the system of the world’s leading educational organization International Schools Partnership (ISP), headquartered in the UK.

The ISP organization builds the best learning culture at schools in the system as well as continuously sharing professional knowledge with each other to develop learning opportunities for students. Because Westlink is one of the members of the ISP organization, it is regularly updated with research and ideas from member schools around the globe.

Westlink International School builds a learning culture with the goals of:

  • Amazing Learning Experience: Helps students have wonderful experiences and surprise themselves when they achieve outstanding results.
  • Inspire children to develop not only in school but also in the future
  • Becoming the most international school worth studying at

Currently, Westlink builds two learning programs including:

  • IB – International Baccalaureate Program (known as WIS): This program is based on the American Academic Standards and the prestigious IB International Baccalaureate standards. Students learn core subjects: English, Science, Mathematics, Art, Physical Education,… through interdisciplinary projects. IB program students will have a huge competitive advantage in entering the world’s leading universities.
  • Bilingual program. In this program, students will study 50% of the time in English and 50% of the time in Vietnamese. The program combines academics and practical experience activities.

ky thi quoc te

According to reviews from parents, below are 4 points that help Westlink score points in the eyes of parents:

  • Outstanding quality of education: Not simply teaching professional knowledge, students at Westlink also develop their talents and soft skills to help them have a solid stepping stone to enter any university. In the world.
  • Facilities that promote creativity: The school system and functional rooms are 100% invested and designed from abroad. All functional rooms such as Studio, Fine Arts room, creative workshop, stage room, swimming pool, etc. have been completed for students to participate in learning and using. Each classroom is equipped with modern machinery and equipment for learning.
  • International prospects with ISP: One of ONLY 2 international schools in Hanoi belonging to the ISP system. WIS students have the opportunity to participate in 11 international learning and exchange programs with students in the ISP system such as: Summer camp program, United Nations conference simulation program, ISP Film Festival, Program ISP friend exchange program,  …
  • Highly qualified teaching staff: Westlink has organized a very strict selection of teachers, 100% of whom have international degrees and experience teaching in international schools. The teaching staff receives regular professional training from the ISP organization and the IB Baccalaureate organization. In particular, 100% international teachers have criminal records confirmed by security agencies, to ensure student safety.

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