Safeguarding Policy

Westlink International School undertakes that all staff, as well as parents, visitors and suppliers, recognize that when a student is at risk of being injured or in a hazardous situation, the necessary actions will be taken to reduce the risk of harm.

The protection of our students is one of the priorities of our school. Each time a risk is identified, or the student expresses a risk, they can ask for help for themselves or other students. We are committed as a School to:

  • Having the well-being of our students as a priority such that every student should be and feel safe at school.
  • Ensuring that each student has the right to be protected from any damage and exploitation.
  • Understanding that a student’s well-being will never have exceptions by race, religion, skills, disability, gender, or culture.

All adults in school must show a firm commitment to the protection of students. Strategies will be developed and implemented, and skills development promoted to empower students and help them stay safe and make good decisions.

All students have the same rights to be protected, but we recognize that more support is needed in special cases. Some of these cases may fall under situations of special educational needs, disability, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

Safeguarding policies will be endorsed by ISP, signed by the Principal and will be adopted at all levels of the  organization. This policy will apply to any third-party agent or provider who has unsupervised access to students.



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