Meet our Science Teacher – Mr Ronaldo 🌌🧪

Meet our Science Teacher – Mr Ronaldo 🌌🧪

Mr. Ronaldo holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a major in Science and is currently taking up his Master’s degree. Prior to teaching at Westlink International School, he spent a decade teaching in the Philippines, then moved to an IB school in Seoul, South Korea.
Mr. Ronaldo strongly believes in the beauty of diversity and inclusion in class. In the classroom, this translates to meeting the learners where they are by acknowledging and addressing their individual personality and learning uniqueness. From igniting curiosity with explosive chemistry experiments to unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos through captivating lessons, Mr. Ronaldo’s dedication to cultivating a love for science knows no bounds! His innovative teaching methods and infectious enthusiasm ignite a spark in every student, transforming complex theories into thrilling discoveries.
Apart from teaching, he also accompanies students in badminton clubs and tournaments. Let’s check the video below to know more about our dedicated science teacher!
Let’s watch the video together here:

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