“Being exposed to all other nationalities is exciting. We can see those values like discipline, stability, confidence, sharing and love for each other and I think the values that we would like to nurture are also what we can see here at the school.”
It was the sharing from the beloved grandparents of Mila – our Intro student, during a recent visit to our campus and we were thrilled to hear that they had such a positive and satisfying experience during their visit!
💙 Coming a long way from South Africa, Mila’s grandparents could not hide their feelings of happiness and pride when they had a chance to see the school where their grandchild study every day.
They were thrilled to witness firsthand the state-of-the-art facilities and expansive green spaces that they had never experienced before in South Africa. Warmly welcomed by the teachers and school staff, they left with hopes for Mila to thrive and create cherished memories at Westlink.
We would like to thank Mila’s grandparents for visiting us and sharing their kind words. We look forward to continuing to exceed expectations and providing an exceptional learning environment for your child. Best wishes to Mila’s family!
Let’s see what they are saying about Westlink here.

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