☕IB PYP Parents Orientation

☕IB PYP Parents Orientation

Today, Westlink held an in-depth IB Primary Years Program (PYP) orientation for parents. The purpose of this event was to keep them informed about the intricate details of the IB PYP curriculum and discuss how the IB PYP approach is different from other curriculum frameworks.
Our outstanding team, comprising the Executive Principal – Ms. Hillary, and PYP Coordinator – Ms. Charlaine, spoke to parents about some of the fundamentals of the PYP program at #Westlink, including the Learner Profile, Transdisciplinary themes & subject areas, and assessment methods that teachers have been using to support students’ future improvement.

Our specialists also emphasized Student Agency, which is encouraged in every class at Westlink. Agency is the power to take meaningful and intentional action and acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of the individual, supporting voice, choice, and ownership. For example, at Westlink, students can come up with their own class rules instead of being pushed by teachers, so the teachers know what they expect in a learning environment.
Thank you to all our parents for attending and showing a positive interest in being part of our learning community! See you in the next coffee morning.

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