A Journey of Art and Culture in Dong Ho Village Hanoi ️🎨️🎨️🎨
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A Journey of Art and Culture in Dong Ho Village Hanoi ️🎨️🎨️🎨

Our PYP students from Grade 1S & Grade 3S embarked on a fieldtrip of cultural immersion and artistic discovery in Dong Ho Village where they had the opportunity to explore the essence of Vietnamese culture through Dong Ho paintings, the country’s ancient folk art.
At the gallery space, students had a tour of over 100 artifacts and ancient Dong Ho paintings, each carrying the imprint of time and this traditional craft. They indulged in famous artworks such as ‘Mouse Wedding,’ ‘Worshiping the Ancestors,’ etc to immerse themselves in the unique world of traditional paintings.
One of the unique experiences in Dong Ho painting village is visiting famous artisans learning the process of producing a picture of Dong Ho to better understand the unique features of this traditional craft. Our PYP learners tried their hand at creating their own masterpieces on Giấy Dó (unique paper made from the inner bark of the dó tree), it was a truly amazing hands-on experience!

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