#AntiBullyingWeek – It’s always a no-bullying zone at Westlink!

#AntiBullyingWeek – It’s always a no-bullying zone at Westlink!

This week Westlink has been organizing the 🌈 #AntiBullyingWeek 🌈, an event that aims to raise awareness among students, teachers and parents about bullying inside and outside schools. Our community came together over a series of informative and engaging activities to demonstrate the importance of spreading kindness and respect for one another.
Together our PYP children have been understanding what bullying is and ways they can stop it. They also teamed up to create awesome Anti-Bullying posters to turn their classroom discussions into a creative masterpiece.
Our Grade 2S and 3S have done a heartwarming “Kindness Letter” exchange. They spent yesterday learning how to structure a letter and using kind words to describe one thing that they admire the most about each other. Our executive principal – Ms. Hillary – also visited their class and they wouldn’t forget to give her a big and warm thank you letter for her continuous support and encouragement to create an inclusive learning environment. They also learnt that there is always something we should be thankful for everyday!
#AntiBullyingWeek does not stop there! Stay tuned for more activities!

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