#AntiBullyingWeek – Let’s join a “Caring & Sharing” Mission with Grade 1S 🍰🧁

#AntiBullyingWeek – Let’s join a “Caring & Sharing” Mission with Grade 1S 🍰🧁

Today, Westlink was filled with an irresistible aroma of vanilla muffins that our Grade 1S students spent their afternoon baking. The end product was four full batches of freshly baked muffins that they intended to give out as an act of spreading love and kindness within our school.
With the guidance of our dedicated teacher Ms. Daisy and TA, the little bakers enthusiastically mixed and measured, turning our Food Tech Lab into a little hub of creativity and joy.
With an emphasis on the principle of selflessness and consideration, “giving others first before yourself”, they each distributed muffins – not only to their peers but also to our principal, teachers, staff and janitors – first before having one for themselves. Their bursting energy of kindness put a smile on everyone’s face as they happily enjoyed the muffins together. What’s sweeter than having a surprise treat after a long school day? Their generosity sure will go a long way!

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