Can’t wait for WESTLINK SPORTS DAY this Friday!!! 🔥

Can’t wait for WESTLINK SPORTS DAY this Friday!!! 🔥

Westlink’s annual Sports Day is happening soon. This year, there will be 3 categories – Relay Games, Football and Running for students to compete separately. What’s even more exciting is that their parents can also join the activities as well!
At Westlink, we sort our students into four houses for school competitions and challenges. It is not only Houses in Harry Potter, we name them after traditional symbols in Vietnam:
💛 #Dragon represents the prosperity and power of the team
🔴 #Lotus symbolizes the purity and rebirth
🔵 #WaterBuffalo conveys the message of bravery and happiness
💚 #Bamboo shows solidarity, diligence and strength against wind and storm
Our house system not only spreads sportsmanship and teamwork, it gives our students a sense of belonging and community!
Who will emerge victorious among the undefeated Blue Water Buffalo, Green Bamboo, Blue Water Buffalo and Yellow Dragon? Brace yourselves for an epic adventure as we will conquer all the sports games and face thrilling challenges together! ️🏆
Let the race begin! Stay tuned for more updates on Sports Day! Share your support, cheer for your favorite team and DON’T FORGET TO WEAR YOUR HOUSE COLOR THIS FRIDAY!!!

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