“Cloudy with a chance of fun with Grade 2S 🌧️🌧️🌧️

“Cloudy with a chance of fun with Grade 2S 🌧️🌧️🌧️

We have been exploring clouds and weather dynamics in our How the World Works unit in Grade 2. Following a week of recording data on cloud types and their weather, Grade 2S engaged in hands-on experiments in our science labs. Using alcohol and muscle strength, students manipulated pressure to create their very own cloud! The alcohol played the role of dust, offering a cool surface for water droplets to adhere to. By pressuring the bottle through twisting, the collision of air molecules warmed the container. Upon releasing the pressure, the water vapor rapidly condensed, giving rise to a real-life cloud!
In addition to this experiment, they used shaving foam and food dye to simulate a nimbus cloud producing rainfall.
These practical activities served not only to reinforce theoretical knowledge but also provided students with a tangible experience, allowing them to witness and comprehend scientific principles in action. This immersive learning approach bridges the gap between theory and application, enhancing understanding and creating lasting impressions.”
Thank you Ms.Dani – our PYP teacher for sharing this amazing learning experience of Grade 2 to us.

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