Club Fair Sign-ups! 🏀🎶️🏸

Club Fair Sign-ups! 🏀🎶️🏸

Our last school day of Term 1 has ended with the Club Fair (ECA) Sign-ups for Term 2! Parents and students had the chance to meet the leading teachers of each club to get full information and sign up for their desired one.
Next term, Westlink offers clubs in various fields from sports (Football, Swimming, Badminton) to performing arts (Lion King, Vietnamese Traditional Music), intellectual development (Young Librarian, Chess-ILOS) and dexterity (Origami, Lego, Craft Club). These aim to support the students’ growth in different abilities other than academics, explore their strength, tighten friendships, and improve social skills by playing together as teammates.
We are happy to see that they were all so excited to register with our ECAs because as educators, we also encourage the students to enhance physical abilities and hone their intelligence while following their interests. We hope our students enjoy their term break and we are looking forward to welcoming them back for term 2!

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