Exploring food culture in the Westlink cooking club 🌮🌯🥙

Exploring food culture in the Westlink cooking club 🌮🌯🥙

Welcome to our Vietnamese Cooking Club! During our ECA time, students had a wonderful time learning how to make Nem Cuốn (Vietnamese Spring Roll) which is one of the most renowned traditional dishes of Vietnam.

They prepared the ingredients themselves along with the help of our teachers. Everything was neatly executed from washing the vegetables, marinating and mixing the fillings, to rolling and frying them. They even decorated their own plates! The end result of each team was pleasant from vision to taste. The scent floated through the whole school and everybody came to observe their cooking. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside – it’s a flavor explosion waiting to happen!

This activity combined the elements of cultural learning, cooking skills, teamwork and hands-on experience, making it an engaging and educational activity. Check out the end product of our students. So yummy!

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