🌏🔍 Exploring the Rock Cycle at Westlink🌋🏞️

🌏🔍 Exploring the Rock Cycle at Westlink🌋🏞️

As a part of our Sharing the Planet unit, our students embarked on an exciting journey of discovery – the rock cycle! Just like water, rocks play a crucial role in a continuous cycle of transformation and rebirth.
We delved into the world of geology and found that rocks come in three main types: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. Furthermore, we discovered that sedimentary rocks, which are made up of smaller rock fragments, come in four distinct forms: gravel, sand, silt, and clay.
With this newfound knowledge in hand, we became geologists for a session, and had an adventure of discovery right here at the WIS campus. Armed with our curiosity, we scoured the grounds, and the results were surprisingly great! We uncovered an array of rocks, and the experience was not just educational but also loads of fun. Our students sharpened their skills in rock classification, learned about the unique functions of each rock type, and honed their abilities to collaborate effectively within a group.
But the learning journey doesn’t end here! The exploration of rocks has sparked countless questions that will propel our young learners on even more exciting inquiries.
Thank our dedicated PYP teacher Mr Martin for sharing this amazing learning experience with us!

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