Gallery Walk 3 – PYP & Bilingual

Gallery Walk 3 – PYP & Bilingual

Such an amazing Gallery Walk we had!
We are so proud and excited to share the incredible results of our students’ hard work during our PYP & Bilingual Gallery Walk last week !
Our Intro & PYP Learners did their great job when they walked their parents through their classes and poured their hearts into showcasing their works to parents, and the joy of sharing their accomplishments was truly infectious. From vibrant art displays to thought-provoking research projects, the passion and dedication were evident in every corner. The exhibition also showcased the academic excellence of our incredible bilingual students, with displays and presentations in English and Vietnamese. From science models, colorful tote bags and hand-made world maps, every piece of art conveyed a unique narrative, sparking conversations about the universal language of creativity.
The Gallery Walk fostered meaningful conversations between parents and students, creating a bridge between the classroom and home. A heartfelt thank you to all the students for their hard work, the teachers for their guidance, and to the parents, friends, and family members who joined us to support and celebrate these incredible achievements.

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