Spread Love, Spread Kindness at Westlink Tet Fair 2024 🧧🧧🧧

Spread Love, Spread Kindness at Westlink Tet Fair 2024 🧧🧧🧧

Our close-knit community came together to celebrate with a warm and festive atmosphere in the beautiful traditional Tet celebration. The Tet fair created an opportunity to expand our inclusive community while promoting Vietnamese cultural values in an international learning environment for the children.
Everyone wore Ao Dai and had fun in diverse traditional activities. Especially heartwarming was the participation of the entire school in making “banh chung”, creating an atmosphere rich with the traditional spirit of Vietnamese Tet. Excitement filled the air as we gathered to immerse ourselves in fantastic drum and music performances by our students and indulged in food stalls, games, and creative corners of Tohe and calligraphy.
The generosity of our parents was evident as they graciously donated delicious food, adding to the joyous occasion. We truly appreciate the spirit of togetherness and wish everyone a joyful and prosperous Year of the Dragon!
Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible for our school community to participate in this beautiful celebration! Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Happy New Year 2024! 🎇🎇🎇
Watch how our school says “Happy New Year” in their own languages: https://fb.watch/qvGUgXczWA/

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