Swim Meet Practice
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Swim Meet Practice

🏊Today, our swimming team had a wonderful taster session, under the coaching and supervision of Mr. Alan, in preparation for the competition amongst international schools in Hanoi. They were full of energy and enjoyed getting ready to join the Swim Meet Competition.
Our swimmers started with some warm-up activities. The school fully prepared various swimming equipment for the students and they got to practice with hand paddles and kick boards to strengthen their muscles. They also participated in fun activities like diving and collecting sticks from the bottom of the pool. We have 2 lifeguards on both sides of the pool scanning continuously as well to ensure the students’ safety.
💦 This first-time competition promises to be fierce, and we can’t wait to see our students rise to the challenge. Let’s wish them all the very best as they prepare to showcase their swimming skills and sportsmanship.

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