An Awesome Gallery Walk from our PYP Learners!

An Awesome Gallery Walk from our PYP Learners!

Our PYP students celebrated the culmination of their inquiries in an inspiring gallery walk in their classroom yesterday. It was a transformative experience that stems from their passion and equips them with skills and knowledge to thrive in our ever-changing world.

The students walked their parents through their classes as they excitingly explained and demonstrated excellent presentations about their journey of amazing learning. Their creativity was on full display during the gallery walk, where their ingenious creations were showcased through many artworks, models, paragraphs, pictures, recycled collections, etc. They exhibited the attributes of IB Learner Profile and international mindedness with great enthusiasm. The parents were impressed with the immense confidence and their self-expression skills.

Well done to our reflective PYP learners for your hard work and a big thank you to all PYP teachers for your dedication!

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