ISP Chess Tournament has started! οΈπŸ†οΈπŸ†οΈπŸ†
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ISP Chess Tournament has started! οΈπŸ†οΈπŸ†οΈπŸ†

Our students have participated in the first round of the regional chess tournament which belongs to ILOS (International Learning Opportunities for Students) from ISP. It is a great opportunity for them to compete with junior and senior students from #ISPSchools around SouthEast Asia in the online tournaments. ️

ISP Chess Masters is an international competition that brings teams of ISP students together to play fast chess in an online tournament competing in regional heats with the winning teams going through to the finals.
Playing chess helps students to improve visual memory, attention span and spatial reasoning skills. By taking part in the competition, ISP players improve their game, develop their problem-solving and decision-making skills, and have great fun at the same time.
As a member of a global group, our students benefit from being part of a wider international community, which provides many additional learning and cultural opportunities. Stay tuned to update our students’ journey in many amazing ILOS activities.

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