Learning Maths through playing games ️🎯️🎯️🎯

Learning Maths through playing games ️🎯️🎯️🎯

Our students from Grade 6A had an exciting Math lesson today. They had a practice session about integers and their mathematical operations which plays a fundamental role as it will prepare them to study in higher grades.

Under the guidance of Ms. Huong – our bilingual teacher who has a Master of Maths, students were divided into groups and participated in a series of interesting learning activities and methods such as mind maps, station-based learning, games, etc., helping the students have the opportunity to absorb knowledge flexibly and proactively.

The first game they played was the Puzzle Game. In this game, they would have to cut and arrange integer subtraction and addition calculations corresponding to the results on the sides of a triangle. The finished product will have the shape of a hexagon. This game required the class members’ good coordination and “brainstorming” skills, helping them learn while doing fun activities together.

Another game is the “Boom” Game. It is designed based on card games with the cards being integer operations. Students need to create 3 cards with the same result to receive the Boom card and win. It was such a heated and competitive game but they all learnt how to do calculations better and faster!
Learning has never been this exciting! Great job Grade 6A!

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